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4in Hazel Rose Multi loom

The 4 inch Hazel Rose Multi-Loom – weave in 3 different ways!

The Multi-Loom is the perfect 4" square loom for all your favourite finer yarns! It now has the famous three pin look you've been hunting for and it's called the Multi-Loom because, with corner pins, there are at least three different ways to weave on it. Each one gives you a different texture and a different type of fabric for your projects. The instruction book that comes with your loom illustrates all three of these techniques for you.

We also stock the Multi in a 2"x 4" rectangle, and the 2”x4” rectangles combine beautifully with 4” squares in an infinite variety of patterns.

You'll love this little loom, the successor of the popular Weavette and Weave-It looms that are no longer available new. The Multi-Loom is as easy to carry with you as the other small Hazel Rose looms. The Multi-Loom comes in several sizes, making it perfect for weaving the projects in the books that you can find in grandma's attic or on eBay that were published in the 30's & 40's for other small looms. But they are also great for contemporary Weavie fashions as well.

The loom itself measures 4 inch (11.5 cm) square but the looms are sold by the actual weaving area, so they are measured at the nails. If you measure from one corner nail to the next it will be 4 inch (9 cm) and therefore produces a square that is 4 inch by 4 inch.

Made with quality hard woods and smoothly finished nails. The looms are sanded smooth and put together with countersunk screws. The sharp edges are all routed round to make them pleasing and comfortable to hold.

Your loom comes in a variety of beautiful woods. State your choice of wood above.
Available in cherry and oak

Hazel Rose 4 inch (10 cm) loom (shown here in cherry)
Weaving needle (loom and needle shown in photo above)
Booklet of instructions


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